Official Response to the Violation of the 1994
License to Dive to the Wreck of the
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

When State Archaeologist Halsey writes about the “lack of physical disturbance of the site”, he is referring to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society’s illegal sonar imaging of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


See: Illegal 2002 Sonar Imaging of S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald





See the history of maritime artifacts at Whitefish Point.

Tom Graf took part in a Fitz project with GLSHS in 1989. See 1989 ROV Dive to the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald.

See Whitefish Point State Politics for more on Michigan DEQ’s involvement with GLSHS
Bell Ceremony Program 

See You Tube Video:
Bell Ceremony Program Michigan’s Secretary of State accepting the Fitz bell in 1994.
See Fitz Bell

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