The Mysterious Whitefish Point
Traffic Control Order

The March 7, 1996 Chippewa County Board of Commissioners regular meeting minutes reported, "A traffic control order for 'no parking' on either side of the road on Whitefish Pt. Road for .4 of mile South of the Whitefish Point lighthouse was given to the Board. After discussion it was MOVED by Chairman Holt SUPPORTED by Commissioner Badder that the Traffic Control order for 'no parking' on Whitefish Pt. Road for .4 of mile South of
of the Whitefish Pt. lighthouse be approved."

By 2003, the 1996 Traffic Control Order for Whitefish Point mysteriously disappeared with no apparent trace. The following Freedom of Information Act requests document the allusiveness of the Traffic Control Order...
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Note: a federal contract prohibits parking on the bike path along Whitefish Point Road

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