Attorney General Letter to GLSHS Re:

Stolen Artifacts - 1993

See You Tube Video: Grave Robbers of the Great Lakes:

In this video the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society explore the bones of the crew from the shipwreck of the Watch them remove a wedding band from a skeleton for display in their museum.


See also:

1992 DNR Affidavit of Search Warrant & Investigation Report of GLSHS

State of Michigan Settlement Agreement with GLSHS about stolen artifacts

1993 Loan Agreement between State of Michigan & GLSHS to display artifacts that they plundered from the Great Lakes bottomlands

2004 State of Michigan Artifact Agreement with GLSHS

Whitefish Point Maritime Artifacts

State Archaeologist Halsey's track record monitoring Whitefish Point artifacts

Official response to artifact theft from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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