Officials representing the State of Michigan are strangely consistent in turning a “blind eye” to GLSHS wrongdoing and law bending.


Director of History, Arts. and Libraries [HAL], John Anderson

Whitefish Point Preservation Society members met with Director Anderson in 2003 about GLSHS’s unremitting assault on the historical integrity of the Whitefish Point Light Station

By 2004 GLSHS Executive Director Tom Farnquist joined Dr. Anderson's Maritime Heritage Destination Steering Committee , and by 2005 GLSHS "spearheaded" a [HAL] initiative called Echoes of the Edmund Fitzgerald - a Maritime Cultural Heritage Driving Tour'.

DNR records indicate that Director Anderson used undue influence on the Department of Natural Resources [DNR] in 2006 to grant special privileges to Farnquist and GLSHS in violation of DNR written policy.

As Director of Michigan's HAL, Anderson has oversight of the Office of the State Archaeologist, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Michigan Council for Cultural Affairs.


State Archaeologist John Halsey

State Archaeologist Halsey has a long history with GLSHS that included failure to monitor the State of Michigan’s artifacts inside the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point and the endorsement of a $225,000 Federal grant for GLSHS to “survey” shipwrecks that they had plundered.

See the history of maritime artifacts at Whitefish Point and Whitefish Point Local Politics

State Historic Preservation Office [SHPO]

The SHPO bastardized the regulations of the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Properties by drawing an imaginary line in the Whitefish Point Light Station sand so that modern development & commercialization overwhelms its natural, scenic, historic, and forested condition.

The public has repeatedly been denied its right to participate a full Sec 106 review process that includes removal and/or mitigation of non-historic structures & alterations of historic sites. 

For more information, see Whitefish Point Light Station: a site on the National Historic Register

You can help save the Whitefish Point Light Station by signing an online petition to the Secretary of Interior.


Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs [MCACA]


Michigan Humanities Council

The Michigan Humanities Council was founded in 1974 as the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Michigan Humanities Council awarded GLSHS grants in 2004 and 2007. The Executive Director of the Michigan Humanities Council even made a personal appearance at Whitefish Point for GLSHS in 2006.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality [MDEQ]

A tangled web …

MIDEQ issued the following statement in 1997 about the environment at Whitefish Point:

“We have no warranty or guarantee as to the fitness of this site for any general or specific use, and prospective purchasers or users of this site are advised to use due diligence in acquiring or using this site.”

MIDEQ did not appear to respond to 2003 complaints about an unreported mercury spill at Whitefish Point until after repeated pressure from the public when Det. Timothy Shuker met with members of the Whitefish Point Preservation Society [WPPS] on 4/06/04. 

Shuker stated that WPPS had no
idea how “political” it was for him
to meet with them. Shuker left
telephone messages on 7/29/04,
8/03/04, & 8/05/07 and then
abruptly severed all contact without explanation.

MIDEQ awarded GLSHS $48,347 more taxpayer dollars despite their knowledge of multiple GLSHS violations of Michigan grant contract terms.

More tangled webs …

GLSHS & MIDEQ’s Tom Graf were participants in a 1989 publicly funded project that included exploration of the shipwreck S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald. Tom Graf was involved in a 2006 - 2007 MIDEQ investigation of GLSHS involvement in the illegal removal of taconite pellets from the wreck of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald. The State of Michigan took no action against GLSHS for their illegal activity at the Fitzgerald wreck site.

See MDEQ’s 1997 letter to the United States Coast Guard about the environment at Whitefish Point.
See a 2003 letter to MDEQ about the unreported mercury spill at Whitefish Point.
See 1989 ROV Dive to the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
2004 MDEQ notified of GLSHS discrimination, misuse of grant funds, and environmental violations
A MIDEQ official attended a GLSHS special event at Whitefish Point in 2006
See 2006 -2007 E-mail exchange between MIDEQ & State Archaeologist Halsey about GLSHS investigation.
Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration [MIOSHA]

More apparent cover up ….

MIOSHA first responded to a 2004 “Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards” by claiming that they did not have jurisdiction over worker exposure to mercury vapor at Whitefish Point. When they were finally forced to admit that they indeed have responsibility, they instead ruled in 2005 that the ongoing exposure of workers “occurred more than six months prior to submission of the complaint …” They never responded to notification that the exposure was ongoing.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources [DNR]


Billboards of a struggling and then shipwrecked S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, were displayed in several places in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park in 2006 - 2008 in violation of DNR's written policy that billboards are prohibited on lands managed by the DNR. 

DNR records indicate that Director Rebecca Humphries permitted the display of the GLSHS billboards due to outside, undue influence by a high ranking state official, HAL Director Bill Anderson, on apparent behalf of Tom Farnquist of the GLSHS. 

The GLSHS paid publishing costs for the DNR's Tahquamenon Falls Visitor 2006 - 2008 newspapers in exchange for in a full back page ad of the same image that is available to the 500,000 annual visitors to the park each year. 

The DNR allowed the display of the GLSHS billboards and the ad and without regard to family members of the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

GLSHS Billboard in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park January 2008
See Whitefish Point Local and Federal Politics
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